Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fish and Shrimp at Fresh Market Seafood

So you’re down at the beach and you want fresh seafood. To cook. You could go to Blalock’s. That’s the obvious choice. There you’ll find a staff that is indifferent (at best) and fish and shrimp that’s been trucked in from the west. For reals. A friend reports that she recently stopped in and asked if the shrimp was local; the young man behind the counter said, “Well, yes, they’re from Texas.” Texas, kids, is three states away.

For honest-to-god-fresh raw seafood, head north across the bridge and into Foley. At the corner of Highway 59 and County Road 10 there is a service station. Attached to that service station is a fish market/bait shop called Fresh Market Seafood. There you will find a wide selection of fish and shrimp that were swimming in area waters five minutes ago. You’ll also find bags of gorgeous frozen scallops, lobster tails, and gumbo made nearby in Theodore. (Plus enough rods and reels and line and weights to make any fisherman grow gills.)

Yes, the place smells a little fishy. No, you cannot buy artisanal olive oils, specialty crackers, hot pepper jelly, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, or any of the other gourmet goodies that Blalock’s stocks. But you can get that in Birmingham.

Fresh Market Seafood
Highway 59 @ County Road 10
Foley, Alabama

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